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Featured Service

PCB Design

PCB Design

Our strong and professional electronical engineer team have advantages in many areas they will help you to design the board and make your idea come true.

PCB Manufacturing

86PCB provide Rigid PCB, Multilayer PCB, Flexible PCB, Al PCB Board and Rigid-Flex Circuit Board. Our QC and QA system will guarante the quality.

PCB Assembly

Manual and automated SMT production processes. Include SMT Assembly, BGA Assembly, Through-Hole Assembly, Mixed Assembly, Rigid Flex PCB Assembly

Components Sourcing

All kinds of components here. Long years experience and safety management system and our experienced technical engineers, will give you a variety of solutions.

Why choose us?

We will refund if the PCB quality is not as described or is with defects

  • Capacity

    PCB Capacity 600000 M2 annually. 3 assembly lines which can assemble the components of 0201. PCBA capacity 2000000 points/day. More than 500 customers in over 80 countries.

  • High Quality

    Specialize in producing high precision PCB Board, with advanced production equipment and leading technology. Our PCB Board are widely used in computer, communication, automobile, industry etc.

  • On Time Delivery

    Over many years pcb and pcba production, we have built a complete ERP system and in every step have a time deadline that make sure you can receive the printed circuit board ontime.

  • Safety

    We have NDA first with customer.Gerber file, Bom list, Assembly drawing etc will be Manage in our safety system. You can pay us online and we will guaranteed your payment safety as well.


Drive Power Supply PCBA

Layers: double-sided

Substrate Material: FR4 

Size: 80*80mm 

Output Current: full 900mA, half 450mA, night lamp 60m

Avalidity Life: 10 years

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Drive Power Supply PCBA

car wipers pcb

Layers: 6 layers

Size: 115 * 85mm;

Supply voltage: 12-48V

Height: 16mm

read more

PCBA of Car Wipers

led panel light

Layers: single-sided

Substrate thermal conductivity: 2.0

Solder Mask: Sun Oil


Refers to: 80%

Luminous flux: 3200LM

Life: 50,000 hours

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LED Panel Light

Water Quantity Controller Circuit Board

The purchase of this product uses single chip microcomputer control relay and MOS switch to control the switch of water pump and solenoid valve to control the water.

read more

Water Quantity Controller Circuit Board

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  • PCBUS $20943.55
  • PCB AssemblyUS $26583.16
  • PCBUS $692.83
  • PCB AssemblyUS $9367.42
  • PCBUS $26233
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  • Double-sided Flexible PCB (FPC) Screen Printing Technology
    Double-sided Flexible PCB (FPC) Screen Printing Technology
    In the process of manufacturing flexible circuit boards, screen printing is usually used, which is often used when printing single-sided printed circuit boards. The number of printed double-sided boards is small, but the number of printed double-sided rigid PCB boards is a lot.
  • PCB Assembly (PCBA) For Phone Alert System
    PCB Assembly (PCBA) For Phone Alert System
    The mobile phone is already became a necessary communication tool for people. Therefore, mobile phone alarm anti-theft system has become a popular product.We provide our American customers with a mobile phone alert for the PCBA product.
  • Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) and Surface Plating
    Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) and Surface Plating
    Rigid flexible PCB adapt to the needs of today's electronic products to the direction of high density and high reliability, miniaturization and light weight, and also meets the strict economic requirements and the need of market and technology competition.
  • Gas Meter PCB Project
    Gas Meter PCB Project
    The project is from a Russia customer,we cooperate a smart home PCB system before, and this time they want develop a gas meter project .The Qty is 30K every 3 months.They provided gerber file and BOM list, with some pictures of former type gas meter PCB.
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