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Welcome German Customers To Visit Our Factory Again

Welcome German Customers To Visit Our Factory Again
Issue Time:2018-04-23

After the tomb-sweeping day of China, We hold a reception of customers from German.They are from the electronic design company which have a great reputation in Intelligent products design field in the world,We are good business partner,and this is the second time for their visit here. 

On the morning of the arrival of the customer, our international sales and driver drove car to pick them up on the airport,we greeted each other warmly. Then we went to hotel to check-in firstly. We reserved five starts hotel in Dalian for them, no-smoking business room, It’s quite clean and comfortable, Two clients very satisfied with their living rooms. 

Since they have been on the plane for more than 13 hours, also because of jet-leg, they felt tired, so after finished checking in, we Let them have a short rest there. One hour later, we take them to enjoy the lunch-the Chinese food. Spicy beef, pork,vegetables, dumplings, rice,juice and so on. From the smiles on their face,they are fond of these dishes.

At the 1P.M., we went to our factory meeting room to discuss projects.They brought some of their new developed projects,included the gateway case, the motion case and door case, It’s a system of home security to help master to monitor their house. The circuit boards will be connected with people’s phone, It is used by WIFI signal to work, Everything at home will be found by their owner. It’s very smart products in the market now, They are designed by our German customer and manufactured by our company. We supplied one-stop service about this case, including the PCB manufacturing, Components purchasing ,PCB Assembly, housing fitting, printed little book and stick labels, customized cartons an so on. In all, we could supply finished-products for them.

The printed circuit board’s function test is also essential, so that we could assure our customers of high quality and all boards well work. We won’t choose the traditional way to do test work job. As before,we need customers send test fixture and test file for us, But this time, as customer suggested, we do test fixture for them, It will save time and delivery fee, Of course, It need their company to supply software, URL by e-mail, then we will download as instruction. Each board has each code in the board, We need help to put code tin boards, and also remark number in the label, so each board is unique.It showed their high technology in design


After listening their detail description,Our engineer and boss also shown to them many of similar products which we manufactured before. They gave them a clearly answer to their all questions.It makes our customers deeply satisfy with us, they told us we are the best supplier of them. With the joint efforts of both sides, our meeting came to a successful conclusion.

After finished all projects discussion, we enjoyed a generous dinner with hot pot, The customers are very excited about this kind of Chinese food, Our boss introduced the menu for them one by one, and they ordered the beef ,mutton,shrimp ,mushroom,Pumpkin pie and so on, During dinner,we talked about the food culture of our respective countries and some funny things.

Finishing dinner, we drove them to go sightseeing around Dalian,We gone to the seaside named Nan Tuo ,and took many pictures for them. Enjoying sea breeze, Walking on the corridor, They feel very relaxed! One of the customers shared the beautiful scenery to his wife by phone,The atmosphere was very cheerful.They said: Dalian is quite beautiful city,They enjoy cooperating with us,and we are the permanent partner.”

Finally,we drove them to hotel, and they gave us delicate gifts for us, we gave them the gifts in return, a fan with facial makeup and panda image that has Chinese cultural characteristics. Because their earlier flight, we booked the hotel packaging breakfast for them on the next morning. When they check out, they could take them away. Them expressed sincere thanks for our thoughtful service!Welcome to visit our factory and company.

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