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Aquarium Temperature Detective Board With LCD Display

Aquarium Temperature Detective Board With LCD Display
Issue Time:2018-05-03

More and more people like fish farming in their home, fish tanks are also good for decorating own house or company. In the process of raising these pets, there is a very important job that pay attention to monitor the water quality in good time. The temperature and time detective circuit board is widely designed by engineers. 

One of our customer who comes from Poland, bring this project to us. It’s used for aquarium to detective indicators of water.

The Polish customer mainly run aquarium products with big scale, in their country, They have many different kinds of fish tanks for various aquarium pets to fit different fish living request. Even the size and shape are different, but the main boards for monitor are almost same.

After we received customer’s file, our engineer checked quickly, We found it’s a very small board with two layers, the components are simple. There are some switches and sensors use to control and react, The special place it that the board need put on a LCD display to show the number about temperature and time and water quality. We had many products need LCD display before, so it is easy to help customers to solve this problem. 

temperature detective circuit board

We chose high-definition and very durable material for display screen. The material is also environmental and bring no harm to fish, which already get the ROHS and UL certification. To be used in water for a long time and avoid these components being corroded, after finished products, we potting LCD display boards with glue. 

We helped clients chose the cost-effective glue based on our rich experience in this industry. This kind of three proofs glue is very environmental and no damage to aquatic organism. It can avoid humid, corrosion and rust. After potting the glue, it will extend whole boards’ lifetime, can save customer production cost.

Gain their deep trust and the first order for detective printed circuit board is 3000PCS.

After manufactured PCB board, assembled components, we provide full test for all boards. It need to connect with computer and use the download software to test these boards work well or not.

The test results of function condition is include the three numerical value below:

1.Time number

The accurate time display is standard will help us to calculate other values.

2.Temperature number

Different fish require different temperatures. In order to create the most suitable temperature environment for fish, the temperature of the pool should be mastered at any time.

3.Dissolved oxygen value

Usually, the optimum dissolved oxygen value of fish is 3 mg/l, When lower this value , the fish don’t like to eat food, at 0.6 to 0.8 mg/l, the fish begins to die. So detective oxygen timely is very important.

Temperature and Time Detective Circuit Board function test

The 3000 PCS LCD display board all work well, show all the values number without any problem. To protect display screen no damage during shipment, we package with anti-static foam before delivery, then use customized thicken cartons to increase protection. In outside of cartons with handle with care logo. When customers received these PCB boards, they were very satisfied with them, Because no damage during shipment, no rejects after they test.

The successful project of temperature detective circuit board with LCD Display, Let us harvest the loyal customer and long time cooperation. Also they introduce some other industries customers for us, and we introduce the people who have aquarium demand to order their products. We have achieved win-win cooperation with our clients!

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