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PCB Assembly Project For Home Monitoring

PCB Assembly Project For Home Monitoring
Issue Time:2018-05-22

With the rapid improvement of science and technology, high technologies have affected all aspects of people's lives, changed people's habits, and improved people's quality of life. Smart home system came into being.It allows people to remote control any electrical appliances (air conditioning, hot water heater, rice cooker, light, sound, DVD VCR) at any time and any place by phone or phone APP, such as open the home air conditioner in advance and let the water heater burn ahead of work.

Today I would like to introduce a home monitoring device that we produce for our German customer.

It is a FR4 printed circuit board, black solder mask, ENIG,0.8mm board thickness, 2 layer, with a very small size 36mm*79mm, which is compact and concealed. You can hide it on bookcases and storage shelves and it's hard to be found.PCBA for Home Monitoring

We use our housing partner design a smart case to this production and we supply one-stop service for this production, from PCB making, mounting till final case assembly. The customer said it is too convenient to provided them one-stop service and improve their work efficiency.

In addition to being able to capture 1080P video and run monitoring capabilities, it also has built-in learning algorithms like the Nest thermostat, which will become more intelligent in use. In addition, it can distinguish between humans and pets, visitors and intruders, and is very intelligent. We can monitor the situation of the home at any time through the mobile phone, and the abnormal image will be automatically alarmed by the mobile phone.In addition, there is an environmental sensor on this substrate that can monitor whether there is a fire or water leakage in the home. It can be said to be a very intelligent monitoring device.It can be used not only in families, but also in schools and kindergartens or Nursing home, so that we can always follow the people we love.

PCBA for home monitoringDuring production of the PCB, we found there is a memory card slot at the edge of the PCB, very easy to bulge after welding. So our engineers gave a solution that is to deduct a portion of the edge of the board and let it come out of this slot. This is a perfect weld to solve the problem. Also there’s a BGA on the PCB, so we suggest customer change surface finishing from HASL to ENIG, ENIG is very good for soldering for BGA. As BGA with so much pins,the mounting requirements of the camera is very high,the temperature must be suitable, the speed should be fast, it is best to use the air gun which can accurately adjust the temperature.We carefully confirmed the chip's specifications. Because different CMOS chips can withstand different maximum soldering temperatures, we guarantee the production process is dust-free to ensure the lens is free of dust and watermarks.

After assembly work, we do a test to check if the PCBA could work well.The customer sent us a test fixture, we only connected to the power supply, a bright light phenomenon means the test is passed. After that, we start to assemble the case mentioned above.

We have successfully produced and shipped 10,000 units, and our customer response products are operating very good. We will continue to discuss 100,000 units and we will soon start a new smart wear-strap project.

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