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PCB Assembly Project for Educational Robots

PCB Assembly Project for Educational Robots
Issue Time:2018-05-24

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, computer technology and other related technologies, there are more and more researches on intelligent robots. In the field of education, many colleges and universities have set up related courses in robotics. Our company is specialized in making PCB and PCBA, receiving requests from US customers to jointly develop a high school teaching robot project. The sample has been tested and the factory is now manufacturing 500 sets of test orders.

The difficulty of producing this project in our factory is that there are more than 60 resistors that are coil resistors, direct inserts, and workers who need to be able to insert one or the other of the dice on the PCB and then perform wave soldering. As the picture shows:

pcb circuit board assembly


From getting the customer’s plan to the end of production, The project lasted for three months. The package of the power connector was 2.2*5.5mm at the beginning, and the sample testing was ok. Later, the customer use half a month’s time to slightly adjust his design, then 32 plug resistances were added, and the connector size was changed to 2.0*5.5 mm. 

The re-proofing test was successful. The customer added 500 sets of sample circuit boards and shipped to customers for the last month. Substrate production took 12 days, components were purchased at the same time. The patch production took three days, and the plug-in took five days. Because the resistance was too small, the workers need more time and the wave soldering took one day. The inspection took two days and eventually sent DHL to the United States. When they received the product, they tested the printed circuit boards working very well.

Finally all parts meet together and our engineers discuss about the project details, we will make fixture to help this resistor out on PCB board, and then save time for DIP, save cost of assembly. The customer accepts our advise and place mass order from us.

PCB Assembly For Robot

As our client introduced, this PCBA board is used on educational robots , they sale to high school and university teaching. 

The client expects to visit the factory in Dalian at the end of June, bring the newly designed home robot to discuss with our designers and engineers, and introduce us to the equipment robot that the customer is developing. We have seen the final product on the customer’s official website. The model and the device inside and the PCB circuit board Assembly are produced by our factory.

The trends of robot printed circuit board in the future must be very good, so our factory has already entered new higher-end patch equipment, already brushing glue and other tools, we will satisfy a series of customer requirements. In the end, a robot production line for streamlined operations should be formed. 

Welcome to consult. Our engineers will answer all questions for you. 

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