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Sensor PCB Board Assemble With Program Lock Bit

Sensor PCB Board Assemble With Program Lock Bit
Issue Time:2018-05-29

Sensors is a kind of detection device, It could feel the measured information, and it also will feel information transformation according to certain rule and then become electrical signal output, or other form of information needed to satisfy the information transmission, processing, storage, display, record and control requirements.

As sensors are widely used in every field of social development and human life, such as industrial automation, agricultural modernization, space technology, military engineering, robotics and so on. More and more customers need various sensor products. There are many of sensors ,such as electronic chemical sensors, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, liquid level sensor, visual sensor.etc.

We have supplied one-stop electronic sensor PCB Assembly service for our French customer this year. Now let’s introduce as below,There are mainly eight steps for whole service:

1. Depend on our France customer provided Gerber file and BOM list, we purchase components and manufacture electric circuit board production as files requested, Then assembly several kinds of components, The most of them are resistors and capacitors.

2. After finished assembly service, We prepared Arduino Pro Mini module to put on board.

But as customer provided file, before soldering module, we need to do  copy programming for main IC, then lock bit for mini module with supplied.hex file, the customer sent us two links for download necessary software,our engineer done as they said. After finished install all need tools, We started to help lock bit for IC programming, In order to protect products from cloning and reverse engineering by other people. Arduino Pro Mini module

The specification operation as follows:

Download first link to install flashing,The flashing of our own firmware on the ATMega, next step by step to lock bits,The flashing bits settings: 

Low bit to set on: 0*FF, 

High bit to set on:0*FB, 

Extended bit to set on:0*05 

After flashing lock bits setting lock on: 05*05,until finish all lock bits.

Our engineer to do same operation again to assure of lock bit is successful, when everything is okay,start to soldering pins on both length of the Arduino (total 24 soldering points)

3. Assemble the Arduino module on the finished boards.Then the module function will be performed after soldering. 

sensor PCB Assembly

4. There are three wires need be soldered on the board, VCC,GND and DATA. We customize from professional probe manufacturer in our city, the length and diameter are strictly in accordance with our customer’s requirement.sensor pcba

Our engineer use a glue to fix coil in order not to loose the whole wire roll.

adapter5. Because of turnkey PCB assembly service, we also purchase adapter from customer pointed adapter suppliers and solder them on the printed circuit board. The soldering place on another side, it’s corresponding to wires.

6. In order to prevent the wires separating from the board, we give suggestion to glue on soldering spot and got client’s approval. We use environmentally material, us anti-corrosion paint to glue these wires. They also have insulation, moisture-proof, dust proof function. The customer also ask to cover part of main IC character.sensor pcb board

7. Since the PCB board is soldered on Arduino mini module, the other side have components legs extended longer, the client ask to cut pins under PCB as shown on the picture, but they don’t allow to cut all off, just left two rows,total eight legs on the board.

8. Finally we packed PCBA boards part with light foam, and customized box to hold whole products,The box dimension is 12cm*12cm*5cm.It’s very fitted with this circuit board sensor products. Then close box and sealed box with duct tape.

The whole one-stop process is over, Finally, we win customer’s satisfaction and regular return order.

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