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Car Media Horn Circuit PCB Board Assembly

Car Media Horn Circuit PCB Board Assembly
Issue Time:2018-06-05

Recently we have manufactured a kind of car media horn circuit board for our Italian customer, they are specialist in multimedia designed in their country. This kind of media horn is their new project, and mainly used for common economic electronic car to make sounds.

The PCB Board Part Information

They are FR-4 material, 4 layers board,Lead free HASL environmental surface finishing. Since single size is small, so we panel 4 PCS in one set with V-cut craft joining connection. Because they are used for electronic car, and always work under high temperature condition, so our customer requests to use high TG PCB material-TG 170. As we know the common board is TG 130-140, the more high TG degree and more resistant to high temperature.

The files we got was the customer’s first gerber file, two circuit boards in one project, but they found out that they don’t need the small boards after adding components and updating their products. But their engineers for the project has left, so they hope we help them to solve the problem. Our engineers help to delete the small board and it does not affect and break the main board production, also it saved the cost of producing the useless small board. The customers is very appreciated and satisfied with it!

Car Media Horn Circuit Board

Regarding assembly service, since the board with small size, so some components we used with full auto printer, the other assembled by our handwork, like small LED lights, the light have orders and angles requests, so we soldering by hands. Two wires connected with horn, the red one stand for positive, the another black one is negative , they are also need to be soldered by hands. The board with switch and USB port is used for control and displays signal instructions. The horn is mainly composed of a filament membrane and a PV membrane, it can reduce the rigidity of high frequency signal and give people a gentle, smooth feeling. horn circuit board assembly

In order to protect product work well, The circuit board was gummed up with Loctite glue. Because this project is two side assembly, top side and bottom side all have components, so we glued for two sides, include soldering wire position. All soldering pads covered this glue, the mainly function of this glue is to increase oil resistance and improve high temperature performance. Only black horn surface place didn’t cover glue. This process have good protect for all components and extend product’s lifetime.

What’s the operating principle of media horn? Shortly, they are energized coils that create magnetic fields and then by interacting with magnetic fields on the magnetic circuit, producing downward or upward forces that move the thin films. Then push the air out of the films to make a sound. We have previously produced a kind of small speakers for external use in computers, the working principle is same as this car’s horn.horn circuit board Assembly

There are more and more private cars in the our life, so car horn project become more and more popular. The designers plan to make them low db to give city quietness, our Italian customers have this idea too, they make a small logo with db character on the board, to remind drivers not to blow the horn loudly, it shows the awareness of noise pollution in the new era.

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