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PCB Assembly Project For Wharf Crane

PCB Assembly Project For Wharf Crane
Issue Time:2018-06-19

The crane is mainly used on the offshore platform. It is a kind of equipment for loading and unloading of the ocean platform and the crane to the platform. It is the most important production and safety equipment in the marine oil production.

Our Australian client have cooperated with us for his wharf crane project, which is mainly used for ships in ports. We supply PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly service for him.It’s kb material with TG170, FR4 ,ENIG, blue solder mask with 4in 1 panel. 

Because it’s used for large crane, need high quality, so it doesn’t accept x-board, and all the components are all from original manufacturers. We bought the components from digikey, mouser and some other big brands to insure the quantity. In addition, the connector is customized from big famous factory. 

pcb assembly for wharf crane

Difficulty of the project: 

It’s difficult to mount components because of its various types, so we assemble the pcb panel board with machine, it can improve the efficiency and ensure the quality.

The biggest challenge for us is coating glue with brush. Because the circuit board is used in wet environment like the seaside all year around, so we must coat glue to protect the PCB board. Spray pcba with 25um adhesive and some components like IC, connectors, can not be glued, so before coating, we need to isolate them with tape. For this process, our workers need to make it by hand and after coating glue, we have to tear the tape off by hand as well, then wait for 1-2 days for drying. So it takes us lots of time. 

And  this wharf  crane  pcba project also need to program. Customer sent us the files, and program step,  our engineer program the ic with programming device. 

As we know, lifting machinery is in the fast developing stage of the market, and has huge market potential. If you have related circuit board and assembly service, welcome to contact with us.

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