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Solar Stabilized Voltage Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Solar Stabilized Voltage Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Issue Time:2018-06-26

The solar energy is one of best free natural energy, many people research and develop for using it. One of our customers in Australia ask we to supply help with his solar convert project.The following is a detailed description of the product:

Solar Stabilized Voltage PCBAIt’s 6 layers circuit board with blind hole, the width line is 0.4mil, High TG value in order to high temperature resistance. Inner copper is 2OZ, the outer cooper is also 2OZ, green solder mask and white silk screen, since the single size is more than 150mm, so we didn’t use panel pcb board, and only single manufactured and added 7mm plate edges in long side, then made four dissymmetry mark points. The surface finishing is LF HASL, whole circuit board have impedance requirement.

The board solder with a LCD display and some switches to control them. A internet access, a big transformer on other side, a big black cooling fin on the other side. The welding angle of the connector needs to be tilted, two wires need to soldering to connect four connectors.

The working principle of whole board is to stabilize the solar voltage, since the voltage of solar energy is unstable, if without a stable process, the energy of this solar energy is always unstable, in that case it can’t be used to power various devices, because these devices must need keep energy to work, so this product be designed to meet this requirement.

The LCD is used for display voltage and temperature number, let user  know what’s the value they are using now. The three switches is used for convert LCD display’s content. The internet access is used for networking and once connected it, the IC programming will be work.

The most difficult is to find cooling fin and soldering it. We quickly finished pcb production and components assembly, then go to the final process, We test whole board work  as customer supplied test fixture and test file, The whole board work well, function no problem, but we found that once the board start to work, the temperature of board continue to rise, We afraid that if go on working,The board will burns due to high temperature.But in customer’s first bom list without cooling fin. 

In view of this product works in a high-calorie environment for a long time, so the radiator is essential. What’s more, the bigger cooling fin is, the better to protect board and decrease temperature. Then we help customer to choose a kind of cooper alloy material, for radiator which is best heat dissipation material for radiator. As it should be, the cost is a little higher than aluminum material. After reach agreement with customer for the material, we discuss how to solder it. Since one side have big transformer, and big cooling fin also need to be soldered in this side. So we figured out to do a half surround shape, it doesn’t affect hinders transformer normal work and settle heat issues at the same time. Four connectors are screwed on the side to secure the entire radiator. This not only saves space, but also solves the problem.

radiator assembly

The solar energy stabilized voltage printed circuit board are used in a wide range of applications, such as household electrical application, lighting lamps and lanterns, microbiology, car and mobile phone charging battery. Our customer use them in domestic application. This market is very hot, they are very satisfied with our service and product’s quality.

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