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Sensor Board With FR-4 And CEM-3 Material

Sensor Board With FR-4 And CEM-3 Material
Issue Time:2018-07-10

Now sensor circuit board assembly products is very hot, such as pressure sensor, liquid level sensor, speed sensor and energy consumption sensor, Below product from our Brazil’s customer It’s speed sensor used for racing bicycle.

fr4 and cem3 pcb board

There are two PCB boards on integral product, the main PCB board is CEM-3 material single side, the smaller PCB is FR-4 material with two layers. The size of main board is 40mm*50mm, the small one is 7mm*4mm. Depend on 4 pin header to hold small board stand up on the main board. Two boards both with HASL surface finishing, and both green solder mask, For the silk screen,The main board is black color and small board is white. Due to two boards all with small size, so when we manufactured, we used v-cut craft to do panel board, The purpose is to easy assemble the components.

sensor circuit pcb boardIn the positive side of main board have a Audion, a diode, some SMD resistors, this diode need be turned 90 degrees to soldered, the back of the main board have a few of capacitors, a special potential transformer, the small board with main IC and some resistor capacitor units. So the main board both sides have assembly, the small FR-4 board only one side have components. There are some wires need soldered on the board, total seven wires with five different colors. The small board need 4 pin header to connect on the board, with legs dipped on the boards, on other side to plate tin.

Before delivery, our customer also need a test for these boards, Because the total amount is 20K PCS, and as the sampling rate is 2% , The total check quantity need up to 400 PCS. The mainly check contents around four parts, including SMT soldering standard, the two boards vertical situation, anti-static packaging , and whole characters on the outside of the carton. Finishing test, the testing organization opened a qualified report, they are 100% up to standard, then we send this report to our customer to confirm it. 

The test fixture is depend on our engineer's design, basis test point to test circuit of board function. The practical way to test the fixture is to put board under clear glass, checking test points, pressed down the handle,then look at indicator lamp to check working condition of board.

test fixture for pcb board

packagingAfter the test program is complete, go to the packaging step. Each board request to pack in a separate anti static bags,the size of bags need more than circuit board 3mm, Don't leave too much space to ensure the compactness, and also need a little space for high components. After packaging in bags, use foam bags which conform to industry standards to wrap anti static bags. Five separate bags in one foam bags, and total 150PCS put in one cartons. Our customer have strict request in the characters on the carton. There are different requirements on all sides of carton, including shipping mask, hold lightly logo, the volume information of the box, the total volume of each box, the actual number of boxes and per box total boards quantity and so on.

When everything all right, we arranged sea shipment from Dalian port. This product has a promising market as expected, Soon we received the customer's reorder in one month,and increased quantity.

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