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PCB Clone Driver Circuit Board For Light

PCB Clone Driver Circuit Board For Light
Issue Time:2018-08-02
printed circuit board for drivers

The driver circuit board is a board that supplies power to the lamp. The function is to supply power and cut off the power supply. The following products are the driver boards for customers to use as outdoor lights. The requirements are more and the details are more complicated.

This project is from sample copying and sample testing then redesign for customer, then make new sample again.This process is very long.

For PCB copy process, first difficult is that between bottom and top, there is one big component need to be moved out, then we will copy out the detail model, it is big IC, our engineer move off the base then copy out the IC. After copy we have gerber and bom, but customer need our engineer to redesign new files, we add two leds and switch on edge of board, you will see in pictures, they can show us the power is working or turn on/off this device. 

pcb clone

The second difficult part is the base, it is PVC and metal mixed, we asked many enclosure factories to customize this base, assist about one month, finally we get a great professional supplier to do that. 

pcb clone 2

The third part is the connector need customize too. It looks like very easy, but the detail model is very different from normal model. It is 4 pin connector with 6.6mm distance.We ask connector factory to produce, delivery time is 2 month.

pcb clone 3

Main board is a 4 layer pcb board. Board thickness is 1.6mm, out cooper and inner copper with 1oz thickness.Their surface finishing is Lead Free HASL. The surface of pcb board is green solder with white silk. The pads on board are normal. It is easy to produce.The specifications of this product is FR4 material, TG130, IPC Class2, width and distance between circuit are all common. We plan to make 4 pcs in one panel, then add V-cut on panels, after assembly we will cut off edge and make the board edge smooth. All inquiries are meet industry standards.There is no X-out board in panels, and Production process belongs to conventional production.

This board is double-sided, which brings a certain amount of work to our factory, and there are two large resistors on the back except for some small-sized components. Our QC worker will check double sides then move product to next process.

pcbaFinally we make up the PCBA into the base, and make 4 screws on 4 corners via holes.There are four isolation columns on the base. You need to align the four screw holes, then press the screws to ensure the fixation.Among them, the two large thyristor also need to be screwed, as shown in the figure, so that the components will not fall off under the external interference. Inside we will use the tape to strong the board inside the box, a layer of sandpaper needs to be added to the top and bottom of the two large components to prevent damage to the casing and Protect components.

There are big market in Span, because this product is designed mostly for Out light. This customer company is very big and professional, they purchased LED from china about 7CNT every week. From this we can see that they have big inquiry of this power board, now we are producing 10000pcs in factory, delivery is about at the end of July.

You can inquiry to us for your project related about PCB deisign, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly. We will give you the best solution.

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