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Held Sea Area Expansion Activities

Held Sea Area Expansion Activities
Issue Time:2018-08-21

86PCB focus on the manufacturing and development of single-layer, double-layer and multi-layer printed circuit boards. Our company is located in Dalian, which is a beautiful seaside city. August is a hot summer day, because everybody goes to work very hard, so the company organized an activity to go to the beach.

sea activity

The company rented a bus. We assembled at company in the morning. Then everyone started from the company. The person in charge explained safety knowledge and matters which need to attention. The company has prepared many watermelon and drinks, and some other commonly used drugs. We went to an island. On the island, we had a rest for a while first. Then we played a few games together. The first game is water splashing. A group of 2 people,the finger-guessing game,the winner spilled the water on the table. Lost man defense. This game tests people's ability to respond. We enjoyed ourselves very much and felt the pressure was released.  The second game is the team's tacit understanding. A group of 6 people's game ,game rule is to draw lots to decide how many hands and feet can touch grand. After decide what posture to use , the winner is who will insist on the longest time. This game is very difficult. We all want to hold on for a little longer and the weather is so hot. We feel that the support and help of colleagues is very important to the final success of the game. In the same way, if we want an order to go smoothly, we can't do without the efforts and cooperation of everyone. After the game, we had lunch. For lunch, we had seafood. Seafood in Dalian is known far and wide. We ate crab, shrimp and clams. Lunch is very rich and delicious.

After lunch is free time. Some partners like to swim and swim directly into the sea. Our boss is also a swimmer and he can swim very well. Other colleagues play cards at the seaside. Others like singing and dancing. Our company is versatile. Some of our colleagues sang Japanese songs, some sung Korean songs, and some sang English songs. This also reflects the strength of our foreign trade department.

After playing for hours, the sun sets. The scenery at the seaside is very beautiful. Everyone has taken a group photo in such beautiful scenery. After dark, we started the bonfire party.. Everyone is holding hands to sing and dance in front of the campfire. Then we put out the lantern. Opening lanterns is a traditional Chinese custom. People write their wishes on the lanterns and release them. If fly high, your wishes will come true. Then we also put fireworks. The fireworks are very beautiful. Then we went back to home. Thank you very much for giving us such an opportunity to expand together. In this activity, we feel that we release pressure and understand each other better. At the same time, it also shows our company's good corporate culture and strong cultural soft power.

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