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Customer Visit Our Factory For Industrial Control PCBA Project

Customer Visit Our Factory For Industrial Control PCBA Project
Issue Time:2018-08-30

We have an American client whose product is used in large industrial equipment. The board is used to control the equipment. 6 layers with ENIG, blue solder mask with white silkscreen. And copper thickness is 1oz,  board thickness is 1.6mm. All components are customized from large web sites. And this board has to coating glue. Because the working environment of the board is damp and wet. The coating can protect the plate from corrosion.

 Industrial Control PCBA Project

This customer has been working with us for many years. When customers first place an order, they want to choose a PCBA supplier who can spray glue. The order is very big and the amount is also very large, so the customer visits the factory in person. The customer's production manager and purchasing manager came to our company personally and visited the production process. They stayed here for 3 days and checked our 3 production lines and SMD production line. After the visit, they were very satisfied with our factory. customer visit our factory

In particular, our management of the components in the warehouse. The customer says that there is a temperature sensor in your warehouse. The details are very good. We ensure that the components do not oxidize by managing the temperature. It can be seen that you are very professional in the PCB industry. And we also have a workshop management log. The diary contains a record of our usual worker training in the workshop.The newcomers in the workshop will be trained for a week.

After clear the job responsibility the new workers can go to the post through the examination. There will be a skill competition every month in the workshop.The winner will get the best staff of the year. And we also have a ERP system. We search price , make quotation , purchasing components, pay for our all kinds of suppliers with it.

We can also check the stock of the components through ERP. It's very convenient.When our customers place the order again, when we check ERP, we can know the inventory of the last order. How many need to buy the purchase this time. This will speed up our quotation and save cost.  The ERP system can also manage staff's leave, go out to use cars, apply for reimbursement, etc. Customers see our company's management of the workshop and the management of the office staff. He thinks we are very professional and have an advantage. Especially for the management of the company are very recognised.

Through this visit to the factory ,Customers have a deep trust in us. At the same time, they have a profound understanding of our corporate culture. For 6 years, orders have been growing steadily.

With the change of the market, our customers have put forward new requirements for us. All PCBs shall be coated to protect against the effects of condensation and corrosion to standards ISA 71.01, ISA 71.04. The temperature and humidity classes are defined in ISA 71.01, and airborne contaminants are defined in ISA 71.04.

We are also constantly improving ourselves to meet the challenges of the market. So if you are interested in our products, welcome to visit our company. We will use the best professional attitude, the best quality with best price to meet your requirements.

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