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PCB Assembly (PCBA) For Phone Alert System

PCB Assembly (PCBA) For Phone Alert System
Issue Time:2018-09-20

Nowadays, the mobile phone is already became a necessary communication tool for people. No matter men, women and older all live without it, it is a bridge between people. With the development of social economy, the function of mobile phone is more and more powerful, and the price of mobile phone is also increasing. Therefore, mobile phone alarm anti-theft system has become a popular product.We provide our American customers with a mobile phone alert for the PCBA product.


This dimension of circuit board is very small in size,they are just 10mm*8mm.This is fr-4 material, double side assembly components, there are four layers with blind hole. The surface finishing is lead-free HASL. We done 10*10 panel by V-cut craft, they are green solder mask and white silk prints.The line distance is narrow, because the small size, and there are also have impedance requirements for these boards, so whole PCB part is a little complex.

For component part, there is a very high switch on right side. It’s three centimeters high white plastic switch, and it is the main control whole product work or not. There is a figure printed about customer’s company logo on the back of the board. There are total six wires soldered on one board. The first place is a special battery, it needs be soldered with two wires. This is a metal-based battery that can be recharged and used continuously. There is a USB line on the front edge of the board. This USB line is as long as a normal mobile phone charger. It can charge the mobile phone, because it can be plugged into the charger adapter on the other side.

pcba board

There is also a small external amplifier, which is also welded to the back of the board. This is a small round horn. This product makes a sound by this horn. The inside of this horn is made of metal like copper material. It is surrounded by a plastic shell. There are several main chips on the front of the board and a USB head. This USB head can also connect to the mobile phone charger. The reason why this product is designed very small, because it can be conveniently placed inside the mobile phone.

The whole product works like this. When the phone is connected to the power supply, or when it is being charged.It is equivalent to a normal mobile phone charger. When someone you don't know touches your phone. Through the sensor on this PCBA device, the horn will sound an alarm, and send it to you. So the owner of the phone knows that someone has touched his phone. Of course you can connect this phone to your other phone too, Once someone touches your phone, your other phone will have a voice alert. It help you to prevent your mobile phone from being stolen by thieves.

The advantage of the whole device is that very convenient, light and easy to carry.It has a variety of functions. You can charge your mobile phone, it can also protect the security of your mobile phone. In addition, it's not a one-off product, and the batteries in the set store can be reused. This can save cost of production, and extend the life of the entire product.

In today's society, people's mobile phones often store a lot of personal important documents, photos, videos and so on, So if it's lost, it will bring a lot of trouble for people,the alarm system could better solves this problem.Our customers are satisfied with our final product,this intelligent product became hot sale electronic products.

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