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We are very honored to introduce a team which has more than ten-year experience in the PCBA field.

86PCB owns a strong and professional electronic engineer team from China and overseas. Our engineers have quite a lot experience in many areas such as medical devices, communications, smart home, automobiles etc. 

  • Medical engineer example

    Richard Waters

    Chief engineer being good at electrical schematic drawing, software programming and debugging, 10 years of electronic products designing experience particularly in medical products, such as hemopiezometer, glucometer, physiotherapy instrument etc..He has been in charge of many projects for many famous medical enterprises like Bayer,Omron etc.

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer

    Ryan Zhang

    Ryan is the Chief engineer of 86PCB. He has more than 10 years experence in PCB&PCBA industry and he is good at from pcb design pcb layout , to pcb stack-up design components placement--one stop service. He has many electronic project particularly in Artificial Intelligent products, such as intelligent lighter, intelligent shoes, smart home, intelligent robot etc. Last year, his team designed intelligent shoes, when you walking or dancing, your phone will be charged. Now the intelligent shoes has been introduced to the market , and it has attracted a lot of people's attention.

  • Industrial Electronic Engineer

    Wind Ju

    Wind Ju is excellent engineer who is engaged in the industrial electronic field in 86PCB.He graduated from the electronic engineering major of the technology university . He has a strong design and research capability, especially in IoT industrial automation domain. Wind Ju has designed and developed many industrial control boards, like WIFi module, inverter and so on.Those developments have been well received by customers around the world, including many fortune 500 companies. It helps many enterprises to solve the problem, save their cost of production, and go to the intelligent direction of industry.

  • Vehicle Field Engineer

    Jiayang Li

    Jiayang is the senior engineer of 86PCB. His major in university is automotive electronic field. After graduating from university he worked for a very famous Japan company Nidec as electronic engineer. Then he came to DALIAN JY, he is responsible for vehicle filed electronic PCBA production. With his support, we have strong power on automative production now.

  • Communication field engineer

    Gavin Chen

    Gavin Chen is professional in Communication equipment products, like Wi-Fi, TV BOX, CD BOX, Wireless equipment . The TV BOX which he designed has been sold to South America, Southeast of Asia etc. With more than 10 years of rich experience, Gavin Chen can meet requirements of various OEM design projects.

  • MIlitary engineer example


    1988-1999 worked for Moto as a electronic engioneer. 1999-2009 worked for a Israel military factory as a military products engineer. By now, he is a military product engineer for 86PCB. Very experienced, especially for laser product, and he is good at finding problem and giving solution for problems. His master piece is a laser aiming product, this product can find a moving subject from long distance and aim it automatically.



You need tell our seller your ideas or simple layout. For example length and width of the pcba and basic funcitons of the pcba,the shell’s shape,with drawing or schematic is better.

Start :

Our engineers will start design products according the basic ideas.
We will ask you some questions related to the product at the same time.

Import netlist:

We will import all these netlist to our systerm and start to design the placement.

Import rules:

You might have some specific requirements like the sound of the pcba ,the voltage of the pcba etc. We will design according to  the import rules.

Technology design:

Next step we will design ,impedance design and power design included, during this time we will do stack-up and impedance caculation and power analysis.


We will design the routing and length matching and optimization ,silkscreen then came out gerber file and bom list. During this phase model validation timing analysis power analysis and DFM analysis will be done.

Sample production:

This is the last step, sometimes the sample will have some small problems ,we will give some technology suggestions and do necessary adjustment. With all that help, then we can make a good sample.

Full Check :

We will have footprint check, outline check, netlist check, placement check, routing check, monitor check, silk check and DFM check, with all these procesure, we can guarantee the sample works well.

Design case

  • Electronic Meter Design

    DALIAN JY ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. designs an customized electronic meter for Israel.This meter design asks two super capacitor on the product that can keep it continuous works 48 hours once no power.

    Below is the meter data sheet we design

    Our designer spends one month to finish and during this time we supply two times redesign based on client extra asking. Design project, the most important is changing requests when designer do the design. As our designer has more than 10year experience on electronic product field, so he can deal with well on the extra adding.

  • Moto Racing Lights

    Moto racing lights, super cool, convenient for vehicles and crowd identification, to ensure the safety of drivers and car performance,we design 2 layers Flexible ENIG print unit size is 180mm*50mm cooper thickness 1OZ board thickness 0.3 mm, besides,2 layer FR4 Free HASL PCB is 50*30mm, thickness is 1.6mm and 1oz copper. This LED Board need be glued after assembly, so it takes more time and experience to finish that. Gurantee it is waterproof.

Share your design

86 PCB would like to supply a free stage to share your design here ,and you can also sign up for engineers and write down some explanation about your personal experience. Hardware and software engineers are both welcomed here. And customers also can choose your favourite designer and achieve your ideas through this stage. Any engineer shares your design or sign up and regisiter on our website will get some commission or coupon for all your efforts!

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