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Thick Copper PCB Production Process

copper pcb production process

Quality Control

1. Strictly implement the first inspection system to ensure that the product size meets the design requirements.

2. According to the raw materials of the circuit board, reasonable selection of milling processing parameters.

3. When fixing the position of the circuit board, it must be carefully clamped so as not to damage the solder layer and solder resist layer on the surface of the circuit board.

4. In order to ensure the consistency of the size of the substrate, must strictly control the position accuracy.

5. When disassembling, special attention should be paid to the substrate barrier when inserting paper to avoid damage to the coating on the surface of the circuit board.

Thick Copper Circuit Board Application

With the rapid development of automotive electronics and communication technologies, 10 OZ and above ultra-thick copper foil circuit boards have gradually become a class of special PCBs with very good prospects, attracting more and more circuit board manufacturers' attention and accompanying, with the increasing application of printed circuit boards in the electronic field, the functional requirements of equipment for printed boards are also increasing. 

Our printed circuit boards will not only provide necessary electrical connections and mechanical support for electronic components. At the same time, it has gradually been given more additional functions. The thick copper foil printed circuit board that can integrate power supply, provide high current, and high reliability has gradually become a hot product developed by the PCB industry. This product is mostly used in military products. 

At present, the copper foil thickness of the printed board that is widely used in the industry is generally between 2OZ and 4OZ, and the production of ultra-thick copper PCBs with a finished copper thickness of 10 OZ or more is relatively small.

In order to meet the market demand, we have made great efforts to make thick copper,6-18oz copper circuit boards become our regular products. 

Our Products

UPS Heavy copper PCB

Product Categories:  UPS Heavy copper PCB   

Model:  86PCBBLD017-1 

Layers:  2L 

Thickness:  2.6mm 

Size:  180mm*220.5mm 

Material:  FR4 

Min Hole:  0.35mm 

Min Hole Copper:  140um 

Surface Finishing: ENIG

Application:  UPS 

Features:   12 OZ Copper

Product Categories: Power Heavy copper PCB   

Model:  86PCBBLD017-2 

Layers:  12L 

Thickness:  3mm 

Size:  30.98mm*25.2mm 

Material:  FR4 

Min Hole:  0.3mm 

Min Hole Copper:  140um 

Surface Finishing:  ENIG

Application:  UPS 

Features:   10 OZ Copper

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