Drive power supply PCB Assembly
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Drive Power Supply PCB Assembly

Project Introduction: 

drive power supply pcba

This power supply is driven by 3 gear constant current power supply, full mode output 900mA constant current drive LED lamp board lighting. It can be switched to half flow mode 450mA lighting, and the brightness of LED lamp board is reduced by half.

Can switch to night lamp mode current of 60mA, LED light board brightness to reach the effect of eyes. In full operation, the conversion rate of electric energy can reach more than 88%.

Product development Difficulties: power conversion rate, three gear constant current drive, service life.

Product Parameters: 

Layers: double-sided

Substrate Material: FR4 size: 80*80mm; output current: full 900mA, half 450mA, night lamp 60mA

Validity Life: 10 years

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