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LED Panel Light

Project Introduction: 

led panel light

In one board there are totally 156 lights, LED lamp package 5730, indicating 80%, luminous flux 3200LM,total power 30W; Thermal conductivity of this board is 2.0, solder mask with Japanese sun oil.Glow evenly after lighting. The whole plate life of 50,000 hours

Project Description: 

This product consists of 156 LED lighting LED panel light, into the shell with a white translucent plate after the light evenly, soft lighting, high brightness. life and brightness have more better than the same specifications of the panel lamp.

Difficulties:   brightness, adjust uniformity

Product parameters: 

Layers:   single-sided

Substrate Material:   aluminum substrate

Substrate Thermal Conductivity:   2.0

Solder Mask:   Sun Oil

Size:  300*300mm

Refers to:   80%

Luminous Flux:   3200LM

Life: 50,000 hours

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