Water Quantity Controller Circuit Board
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Water Quantity Controller Circuit Board

Project Introduction: 

water quantity controller circuit board

Product Goal:   Control the switch coordination of the pump and the valve

Project Introduction:   The purchase of this product uses single chip microcomputer control relay and MOS switch to control the switch of water pump and solenoid valve to control the water quantity.

Working Details:

Working principle (the unit for 12 V power)

1.  The flow sensor responds (the flow tube starts)(5-10 seconds after)

2.  The pump will start.(10 - 15 s later)

3.  Engine valve is closed

When the flow stops at tube

1 Stop the fl ow sensor reacts(After 10 seconds)

2 the pump stops.(After 10 seconds)

3 engine valve opening

Product Developement Difficulties:  time control adjustment

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