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Internet of thing tracker PCBA

Project Introduction: 

Internet of thing tracker PCBA

This product uses the central controller to communicate with the SIM communication module, and uses the function of the GSM module to save electricity. When someone calls, the tracking device will locate the user's location and transmit location information to the computer terminal or the APP terminal of the mobile phone. It can display the current location information and update the location information every minute. The production battery is equipped with the latest flexible battery, which can bend to ensure the comfort of the wearer. When the tracker is not in power, the alarm wil ring. The product uses the wireless charging function to ensure its convenient charging.

Product Goal:  Avoid old man and shicldren get lost

Difficulty:   the development of embedded program, Wireless Charging Technology

Product Specification:


GSM Frequency:  850M/900M/1800M/1900M

Product Weight:  30g

Battery Capacity:  400MAH

Location Time/minute:  2day

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