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Instrumentation PCB

Instrumentation PCB

Instrumentation PCB
Instrumentation PCBInstrumentation PCB
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Board Material :FR4
Layer :2 Layer
Update Time2019-06-27
Detail Information


Board Material:  FR4

Board Thickness:  1.6mm

Size:  110*220mm

Layer:  2 Layer

Copper Thickness:  1OZ

Surface Finishing:  Lead Free HASL

Solder Mask:  Green

Silkprint:  White

Core part

1. SMD parts 105 kind,DIP parts 57 kind,the number and types of components are very large. 

2. Both side assembly.

3. Housing included, one-stop service

Test & Inspection


We could supply final function test.Clients will supply a test process.

Sometimes we need to make a fixture to test, if failed we will give suggestion and check with clients, we modify the test until passed. 

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