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Car Model PCB Board

Car Model PCB Board

Car Model PCB Board
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Board Material :FR-4 Board
Update Time2019-06-27
Detail Information


Board Material :FR-4  car model pcb

Board Thickness: 1.0mm

Size: 14mm*11mm

Layer: 2 Layers

Copper Thickness: 1OZ

Solder Mask: Green

Silk Print: White

Core part

Firstly, this PCB is very small,the SMD resistor could be soldered by machine, but led and 2 lead frame should be soldered by hand.The LED must be baked firstly,evaporate water from the silicone.Then solder LED onto wire is a very difficult process.As LED is too small, and wire is not hard,the workers must do it very carefully.The lead frame must be soldered very straight.

Test & Inspection

model car pcb test


The lead frame must be plug into the foamed mat, the protect them be bent. The foamed mat should not too thick or too thin, in order let the lead frame just in it.

car model pcb board

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