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Swimming Pool PCB BoardAssembly

Swimming Pool PCB BoardAssembly

Swimming Pool PCB BoardAssembly
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Board Material :Aluminum
Size:36mm diameter
Update Time2019-06-27
Detail Information


Board Material :Aluminum                                                                       Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Size: 36mm diameter                                                                                  Layer:  1Layer

Copper Thickness: 1OZ                                                                             Solder Mask: White

Silk Print: Black

al pcb for swimming pool

Core part

This product we supply design, pcb production, components, assembly and test service. This product will work in swimming pool. The working environment is very wet so we do board glue printing to protect the board. And the main important of this product is LED choice. We use TOYO led after test many brands led. Now this product is mass production.

Test & Inspection

This board test is used by adjust power 12V, and test each color situation led current and voltage , to compare with final watt requests.

swimming pool pcb board assembly test


We use anti-static pink foam to package the led board . To avoid any damage in delivery we use two cartons to do the final package.

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