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PCB Assembly for Switch Board

PCB Assembly for Switch Board

PCB Assembly for Switch Board
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Board Material :FR4
Update Time2019-06-27
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Board Material :FR4                                                                       Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Size: 87*30mm                                                                                  Layer:  2 Layer

Copper Thickness: 1OZ                                                                    Solder Mask: Green

Silk Print: White

PCB Assembly for Switch Board

Core part

About this switch board, we supply the all parts, such as PCB, components and cables.

The difficulty is that the delivery of molex connector and switch is very long, about 4-6 weeks.

So when we get the parts we push factory in hurry to reach customer’s inquiry.

switch board core part


Packaging items are shipped in accordance with the factory's standard, all anti-static foam packaging, and then the standard uniform packaging box, packing list consistent, convenient customer inspection.

switch board packaging

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